How Chickens Arrived At Our Farm

We recently decided that with the addition of Dairy Goats that it is time for new name for our farm: from RKR Poultry Farms to Rainy Sky Farms
Our farm originally started out with 3 Ameraucana chicks from the feed store. Didn't take long for us to acquire many other breeds for showing. We incubated a great number eggs during our 5 years in which we participated in a whole lot of poultry shows until we moved from Arkansas to Oklahoma. We chose to retire from the poultry show industry. We still have some purebred show quality chickens in our flock but most are mixed breeds (backyard chickens). We enjoy our fresh eggs that the chickens give us daily.

We have Large Fowl and a few Bantam Chickens

Our chickens consist of Andalusians along with a few Cochin both in LF and Bantam. We also have an EE cock that is almost purebred Ameraucana.
Once we moved from AR to OK, we did not have the space needed to continue breeding with separate pens for each breed. Over the last several years we have reduced our flock and eliminated a few breeds.

Our hens just keep continuing to go broody and set on eggs so we just let them be happy and raise some chicks for us. These eggs of course were mainly cross breeds but we have had several purebred chicks hatch. We raise our chickens mainly for the eggs and a few meals of cocks from time to time.


    We sell farm fresh eggs, various color of shells
    Light Brown



This hen flew over the fence of the chicken yard and laid eggs underneath a wheel barrel. It was a good hatch.