How Rainy Sky Farm Started

Rainy Sky Farm, formally known as RKR Poultry Farms, is located in the plains of Oklahoma.
Our farm originally started out with 3 Ameraucana chicks purchased at our local feed store for our daughter to show at the county fair. We hadn't learned much about chickens at this point. Soon, we quickly became familiar with poultry showing and discovered that the chickens we had bought were "mutts" (EE's). They were Ameraucanas (or maybe Americanas). Their color "variety" was not recognized by the APA. Well, a little disappointed, we began to research the Ameraucana Breed and Ameraucana breeders. We found a breeder in Texas, Paul Smith, who raises "show quality" Ameraucana chickens and shows them. Our daughter's grandparents bought her 2 Ameraucana blue wheaten pullets and an Ameraucana blue wheaten cockerel from Paul Smith. This is where our show quality chickens began. We raised many breeds of chickens and participated in a whole lot of poultry shows for several years until we moved from Arkansas to Oklahoma. We chose to retire from the poultry show industry. Poultry shows in Oklahoma are too far away. We still have some purebred show quality chickens in our flock but most are mixed breeds (backyard chickens). We enjoy our fresh eggs that the chickens give us daily.

Our newest addition to our farm is Dairy goats, purebred Nubian to be specific. Papa bought our daughter 2 show quality doelings in 2014, Daisy and Dragonfly. They are both being registered with the ADGA. Both of them were a little underweight. We got a feeding plan put together to help condition them in order to prepare them for breeding at the end of 2014. We bred Dragon Fly in February 2015. We became first time kid owners in June 2015 to 3 precious doelings. We are loving the fresh raw goats milk too.


A Family Hobby

Horses, Goats and chickens have became a shared family hobby.
The farm business has been a great educational experience for our daughter that will hopefully help her in the future.

It is our desire to share our knowledge and love of animals with others as well as share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

More About Us

    Rainy Sky Farm, formally RKR Poultry Farms, is owned by Rachael, Karen and Roy Snider.
    Rachael is the primary owner of Rainy Sky Farm. Rachael is homeschooled and involved in 4-H doing projects such Horses and Photography. Rachael was secretary of her local Horse 4-H club in Arkansas and was secretary of the local Horse 4-H club here in Oklahoma. She loves interacting with the goats and spending a lot of time riding her horses.
    Karen grew up on a small farm in Oklahoma with cats, dogs, sheep, pigs, cattle, and horses. She is a avid photographer and loves taking pictures of animals and landscapes. She has her own Web Design Business and is the designer for this website.
    Roy is a Southern Baptist Preacher of a small church in Oklahoma. He was raised in Oklahoma and had a small farm consisting of mainly sheep along with a few cattle. He showed lambs and cattle in the local county fair and other livestock shows. He won numerous awards in showing his lambs and his cattle for the four years with FFA. He was very serious about raising lambs of good stock for show purposes. He was a State Farmer in FFA in 1984 in Oklahoma.

Links of Interest

  • ADGA - American Dairy Goat Association